Z-Max Guitars – Warrior




Mahogany body with figured Maple top
Mahogany set neck with Rosewood fingerboard and custom inlay
22 frets
24 3/4” scale length
Graphtech Resomatic Autolock bridge
Graohtech Resomatic Autolock tailpice
Grover tuners
Sprague Black Beauty tone caps
Skull tone and volume knobs
Treble bleed circuitry
Fully contoured back
Figured Maple trim and cavity covers

The Warrior, like all Z-Max instruments, is fully customizable with any and all modifications or alterations possible!
General lead time is 8-12 months, please add one month for custom graphic finishes. Price ranges from $3500-$4500


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Product Description



Z-Max Bio

With 25 years of experience building and a lifetime of playing, my passion for creating the finest stringed instruments has been a lifelong obsession.  Original designs, old world craftsmanship and today’s finest materials go into every Z-Max instrument. Acoustic or electric, guitar, bass, concert strings and more… Build, modify, restore and repair; whatever your needs may be we would love to work with you.  We take great pride in being a true custom shop, placing no limitations on your creativity.

I have found that a lack of options in the mainstream “custom” shops tragically limited musicians who wished to have their ultimate dream instrument become a reality. I was unable to find anyone else who was willing to or capable of bringing my own ideas to life. So I set about to overcome this obstacle not only for myself but for musicians everywhere. This is what inspired me to create Z-Max Guitars, where limited A, B and C menu options are replaced by the limits of imagination. Whatever materials, design ideas or custom finishes you have been dreaming of, we will make them into a reality. You will work hand in hand with me every step of the way. From selecting just the right piece of wood for that laminated top, to selecting the perfect capacitors to have your guitar dripping with tone, you will be part of the process.

Every guitar or bass is built by my hands for yours. My passion for beautiful instruments and the beautiful music they help create inspires me to build each instrument with respect and reverence. You have dreamed about this special instrument for a very long time. In choosing me to build it, you bestow a great honor and a great responsibility upon me.

I have great respect and admiration for the master luthiers that came before me, and have been greatly inspired by so many. From Antonio Stadavari to the Benedettos that have been building beautiful archtops for 3 generations. I share their passion and follow their tradition of fine handcrafted instruments.  I love to work with highly figured woods of any species to bring out their true beauty for all to see and appreciate. I have also had the great pleasure of working with some of the finest visual artists from around the globe on many of my creations. It’s a full cycle of artistry. They add their special talents and works of art to my own, creating a one of a kind masterpiece. This finds its way into the hands of another gifted artist who will share his or her creativity and ours with the world, inspiring countless others.  I have developed an excellent working relationship with Schaller of Germany and Dimarzio pickups, and have found their products to be of superior quality and design, but I do use a wide range of electronics and hardware, often from a variety of manufacturers.

Every instrument I build is unique and has its own personality; therefore great care is given to planning out the circuitry and selecting just the right components. With intuitive control arrays and diverse sonic possibilities, our electrified instruments will set you apart from the pack.  The same level of planning and thought is given to the design and selection of materials for our acoustic instruments as well. The care and dedication to the art of luthery is evident from the very first glimpse to the very last note. Play a Z-Max or settle for less.

The time it takes to build a Z-Max instrument can vary greatly depending on the type of instrument, the design and the materials. However, once committed to a build, I devote myself entirely to its completion and 3-4 months from start to finish is a good estimate. Send us a message, give us a call or stop on by and get a quote on both price and time.

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Additional Information

Built to Order

The Warrior, like all Z-Max instruments, is fully customizable with any and all modifications or alterations possible! General lead time is 8-12 months, please add one month for custom graphic finishe


Graphtech Resomatic Autolock bridge

Tone Wood- Top




Finger Board Wood


Pick-Up Manufacturer

Customer Choice


Fully Customizable

Back Wood


Number of Pick Ups
Number of Frets


Comfort Contours
Tone and Volume Caps

Sprague Black Beauty tone caps Skull tone and volume knobs

Electronics Circuitry

Treble bleed circuitry


24 3/4”

Country Where Instrument Is Built

United States


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