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Product Description

Ruth.Orange.Cres.2Rain or shine, wet or dry, drop it, kick it or simply make music with it, a Vik is always ready to go.  Our ultra lightweight composite technology combined with top of the line hardware and expertly hand wired electronics ensures a precise and predictable sound, all year in all conditions with practically zero maintenance.  Our guitars have a striking natural resonance intrinsic to the materials we use.  Each Viktorian has an acoustic guitar-like attack and a warm and long sustain with a clear dynamic response to a player’s technique.

Located a mile high above sea level in Denver, Colorado, our team of dedicated musicians and accomplished players work incredibly hard to create the best sounding guitars in the world. We love what we do and it shows in our never ending pursuit of the perfect balance of sound and tone.

As our core principal, we believe that customer service should always exceed expectations. We stand behind the quality of our instruments with a full lifetime warranty. Our manufacturing standards are held to the highest levels in the industry and our commitment to sustainability is second to none.

Over 40 years of combined experience goes into building our high quality instruments.  Our guitars are hand crafted and assembled one at time to assure the highest quality.  Boaz Elkayam, who leads our design team, has been recognized as a world class luthier and an expert in guitar building.

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Please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

From the Press

“…The Grace kicked a full-bodied tone with a quick and dynamic response to picking attack… easy to forget you’re playing a composite guitar… The feeling is more akin to playing something made from very hard woods… you get the sustain and solidity behind the notes, but with an acoustic-like openness… The clean tones certainly sparkle with top-end crispness, but the lower frequencies are always very present… Amazing Grace indeed!” – Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine, April 2013


The Viktorian Grace features a semi-hollow body with a powerful electronics suite that delivers incredible resonance and bold, expressive tone, vividly demonstrating jazz and rockabilly sound, and slide guitar capabilities. Grace’s lightweight composite construction is enhanced through its unique heel contour and a smooth silky coat, making for unrestricted playability and articulation across its svelte 25” scale.

Body and Neck

One-piece ResoWeave™ Neck profile: Silky finished C-shape




modified 25” (632mm)




22 Gold-EVO Jumbo frets


Viktorian Modern-Classic set (AlNiCo-V medium-high output)


Schaller 5-way switch with coil-taps in positions 2 and 4


Volume, Tone, Body


Bourns Pro-Audio potentiometers, paper-in-oil capacitors, cloth covered wire, Amphenol output jack


5.7 lbs.

Lead Time

60 days for standard options. Custom add-ons may incur a longer lead time