Mendel’s Fretted Instruments – Standard 12″ Open Back Banjo

Mendel Standard 12" Banjo
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Product Description

Joe Mendel has been building and repairing stringed instruments for over three decades and has become a renowned artisan in his native St. Louis, MO.  Dissatisfied with the quality of many commercially available instruments, he initially created Mendel’s Fretted Instruments to focus on crafting superior mandolins and flat top guitars of his own.  Expanding on his original offerings, Joe has spent the last several years developing and building his own exciting new designs for octave mandolins, open back banjos, and ukuleles.

Gifted with a keen eye for pleasing wood combinations and possessed with a passion to create fine handcrafted instruments; Joe Mendel strikes a successful balance between a great respect for tradition and an eye for the future.  The hallmarks of Joe’s instruments are excellent sound and playability with a simple elegance.

Joe has also been a regular columnist and contributor for Mel Bay’s and