Knaggs Guitars – Influence series “Keya” Tier: 3

Keya- tier 3



Product Description

Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by world renowned designer and Luthier, Jow Knags and  Branding/Marketing expert Peter Wolf.  Let’s face it, these guys are responsible for putting PRS guitars on the world stae and now Knaggs guitars are getting the recognition they deserve from musicians around the globe.

Joe Knaggs and Peter Wolf, formerly executives of PRS Guitars, are settin new standards when it comes to excellence in design and Luthiery of stringed musical instruments; electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and mandolins.  Only the finest tone woods and materials are being used in their designs, which are highly anticipated by aspiring guitar players and collectors around the world.

Joe is considered by many the best Luthier today, and this is notability is well deserved.  Joe grew up in Maryland and in his younger years had tow passions; playing the guitar and painting.  It wasn’t long before he combined the two.  After approaching his friend Paul Smith at his shop to show off his handy work, Joe was taken on shortly after in the PRS finishing room.  Over the years, Joe Knaggs, climbed the ladder within the company and eventually becoming the Director of R&D.

But what would Batman be without Robin? Where would Captain Kirk be without Spock? Meet Joe Knagg’s marketing guru, Peter Wolf.  We first met Peter during his time at Paul Reed Smith Guitars, where he served the company as its Director of Global Sales and Marketing.  He’d begun his tenure at PRS when the company was in its infancy and was a key team player, as PRS Guitars became one of the most respected guitar brands in the world.  That experience coupled with his prior marketing and sales experience in Europe have proven to be instrumental in the early success, visibility, and steady growth of Knaggs Guitars.

It’s not only the feel and the sound of the guitars that is special, but the finish of each and every Knaggs guitar is the utmost quality.  Ans you expect that guitars of such standing would cost a fortune, well you’d be correct, but you would also get the feeling of value for money.  Sure it may have set you back a couple of grand or more, but you will always have the sense that you should have paid more.

All designs/creations are named after American Indian River names.  Chesapeake line models are Choptank, Severn, Potomac, and Patuxent.  They are named after tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay.  The Influence Line includes Kenai, Keya, Chena, and Sheyenne.  They are all named after rivers in North America.

After only two and a half years, Knaggs Guitars are sold in 26 countries and collected by guitar aficionados and collectors, and high level artists, such as, Steve Stevens, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Nils Lofgren (E-Street Band), Stuart Fraser, John Farnham (Noiseworks), and two time Latin Grammy Nominee, Pablo Olivares.  This is just to name a few who can attest to the quality, feeling, and sound of Knaggs Guitars.

It looks like we are not only witnessing the birth of a company, but a main brand in years to come.  Considering how traditional and conservative guitar players are when it comes to their instruments, this is an outstanding achievement in a very short time.  Go Knaggs!

Additional Information

Color of Instrument

Gold Natural, Hickory Burst, Aged Scotch, Fire, Spring, Fall, Ocean Blue, Winter Solstice, Sunflower, Opaque Black, California Sunset, Indian Red


• Scale length: 24.75” • Number of frets: 24 • FB radius: 12” • Fret wire: Medium • Neck shape: “85” 1- 21/32” to 2-7/32” • Neck wood: Mahogany or Maple • Fingerboard wood: Rosewood • Headstock veneer: Ebony • Fingerboard inlays: Dots • Headstock inlay: Morning Star


• Back wood: 6/4 Mahogany • Top wood: T3 curly Maple • Binding: Natural


• Plating options: Nickel • Tuning pegs: Open back • Nut: Bone • Bridge: Influence • Strings: .010’s


• Pickups: Humbuckers • Switches: 3 way toggle • Pots: Vol / Tone


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