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Product Description

]It all started when I needed a luthier to correct tuning problems with the guitar I was using to practice. Good luck led me to the Yagüe brothers’ workshop. There, Mr. Raúl Yagüe accepted my request, fixed that guitar and made it impeccable. With the passing of time, we became friends. Then, the day came when I ordered a Yagüe guitar. I wasn’t sure he was going to accept my order. His answer came to my surprise: “Do you want to build your own guitar? If you want, I’ll teach you how to do it”. Of course, I accepted. And that’s how Mr. Yagüe opened up his whole universe to me and how I caught his passion for guitar making. He made me his disciple and he became my master and, above all, my friend.


For six years, I visited the Yagüe brothers’ workshop. There, surrounded by wood shavings, I met people who ended up being very important for my life as a luthier. Raúl Yagüe introduced me to Mr. Juan Antonio Reyes Torres, another excellent guitar maker. He, too, opened his workshop’s doors to me, and we still keep a good friendship. I was feeling Mr. Raúl Yagüe’s and Mr. Juan Antonio Reyes Torres’s support when the day came for me to open my own workshop. This was March 2009.


I feel very lucky for having met these two great guitar makers. Above their wonderful professional skills, I do appreciate their value as human beings, their kindness. I’m very grateful to them for opening up to me their workshops and, most of all, their homes.

I make both flamenco and classical guitars. One only model that is hi-class concert instruments, 100% handmade by me in my workshop. Depending on the season, I work in Barcelona or in Madrid.

Working good just for the pleasure of making it good. You can read a book named “The Craftsman”, by Richard Sennett, and you will feel what I mean.

No hurries, no deadlines, no pressure. Each part and process on the making off, deserves all my attention, patience and care just to reach for a guitar fulfilled with a soul.

All woods are really old and naturally dried, some of them dated in 1975. All my stock was an heritage from my master Raul Yague. Indian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood, Cypress, Curled Maple, Mahogany, German Spruce and Red Cedar. And Black African Ebony for the fingerboard.

It takes over three weeks of work on the making, plus six weeks for applying shellac. Actually, as I make guitars in batches of two, it means that I need three months for the making of two guitars. A total of eight per year.

Fuoco  see a video of an one Elias’ guitars in action

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Additional Information

Buying/Ordering Process

I usually work with a waiting list of customers who ordered a guitar. Sometimes I have one or two guitars in stock. If you like one of those, you can take it. If you want another one with a specific wood combination, just place an order and wait for it. Delivery will depend on the waiting list. Just ask for it. Summarizing: Ask availability of guitars and estimated time of delivery. I accept special orders with an escrow. Full payment before shiping in any case



# frets


Nut width:

52 mm

Neck joint:

Traditional Spanish

Woods: tops:

Spruce (Abies, Engelmanii, Sitka) and Red Cedar

Back and sides

Indian and Madagascar Rosewood, Cypress, Maple


My own design, made by me.


French polish, 100% shellac from the first layer to the last, applied by hand over all guitar parts (also the neck and headstock…some people ask it).


1'4 to 1'5 kg

Machine Heads

Custom made Alessi tuners, or Irving Sloane.

Hard Case



Not used


Included a 2 year warranty and an ownership document.


not included in the price.

Country of Origin



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