Dean Markley – Alairex HALO – H.A.L.O. Jr./Single Channel Harmonic Overdrive


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About Us

Dean Markley makes great strings, which sound spectacular and help players get the sounds they want. And… We make it fun.

Our company is a buDean Markleynch of great people who truly love what they do. Our employees work diligently to insure we manufacture the world’s finest Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, and other fretted instrument strings that can be found anywhere in the world. The same thing goes for our Acoustic and Electric guitar amps.

Here are some of our world renowned products:

  • The original Vintage series strings
  • The best selling Blue Steel strings
  • The much loved ProMag Pickups
  • The amazing Voice Box – played by Peter Frampton and others
  • Our 1980s Amps—well ahead of their time
  • The Alchemy Acoustic strings
  • The SR2000 Bass strings
  • And the Simply FANTASTIC Helix HD Acoustic and Electric strings.



Additional Information

Dimensions 1070 x 600 x 600 in


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