Dean Markley – 3 oz. Guitar Polish


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For everyday cleaning and polishing of your guitar.

Dean Markley guitar polish provides a smooth, streak-free shine that helps to protect the finish. Concentrated formula requires less polish for a great long-lasting, high gloss finish. Use on hardware too!

Perfect for use with Dean Markley Polishing Cloth.

Product Description

Dean Guitars was founded in 1976, and due to its unique designs became the preferred choice in guitars for rock musicians. Dean rose again in the 1990s with new ownership and an aggressive marketing strategy. Today, Dean Guitars is bigger and stronger than ever, boasting the hardest rocking musicians in history. In 2004, Dean welcomed one of its favorite sons home, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott. Dimebag set out to promote his bold redesign of his signature guitar, the Dean from Hell, with his new band Damageplan. Tragically, Dimebag was killed just months after his triumphant return to Dean, however his legacy lives on in the signature Razorback series guitars.

Dean has forged alliances with the greatest guitarists in the world, many of whom have their own signature lines — Michael Amott (Arch Enemy), Leslie West (Mountain), Vinnie Moore (UFO), and many others, including Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Dean’s 2010 line-up includes new signature models from Amott, Mustaine, Dimebag, Michael Schenker, Rusty Cooley, David Shankel, and Traci Guns. The new Deceiver line expands to include more colors and finishes, and the Dean bass line has taken a bold new direction with the Hillsboro Series bass guitars.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1070 x 600 x 600 in


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