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Casimi Guitars Hand Made

Casimi Guitars Hand Made

Excellence in Craftsmanship.  Excellence in Design.

Based in Cape Town South Africa, Casimi Guitars cc specializes in high quality hand-crafted boutique guitars. Head Luthier Matthias Roux did his apprenticeship and has worked for 10 years at Maingard Guitars. He is a true master of his craft and has built over 200 and counting, of some of the world’s finest acoustic steel stringed and classical guitars. He is joined by Designer and Musician Matthew Rice with a background in jewellery and Graphic Design as well as Fine Arts. Matthew Rice has also worked in the Maingard shop, building alongside Matthias Roux and specializing in design and inlay work.

The two craftsmen have known each other since early childhood and have been building and collaborating on projects of all sizes and shapes since then. Together they are a groundbreaking team. Matthias’ experience and impeccable craftsmanship and his knowledge of wood and tone, together with Matthew’s fluid sense of line and sculptural form make every Casimi Guitar a work of art.

The aim is to produce something that takes guitars to a new level and this is pursued with passion and dedication. Quality and authenticity are the top priorities. Using only the very best tone woods, Casimi guitars puts 12 years of luthier’s experience into form. Woods such as Brazilian rose-wood, East Indian rose wood, Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Mahogany, Ebony, curly Maples, German and Italian spruce, Sitka spruce and Western Red cedar are used to build our fine acoustic guitars. Other materials include pearl, bone, shell, gold, silver and gemstones.

Both Matthias and Matthew are performing musicians and have built their personal guitars to match their musical demands for perfection in tone, sustain, balance and projection. All Casimi Guitars are made to these exacting standards. The team unites the disciplines of design, music and craftsmanship resulting in purpose-built instruments for maximum quality in all these spheres.

Balance of Form and Function, Balance of Chaos and Harmony, Balance of Beauty and Power, Balance of Movement and Stillness.


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The prototype Casimi orchestra steel string was built as a personal guitar by Matthew Rice, to be used on stage, in the studio and acoustically. At the outset Matthew knew that he had to design an instrument that would sound as good plugged-in as unplugged. It should also have a very broad and even spectrum of sound with deep rich tones, great clarity and projection. As a professional songwriter and singer/guitarist, Matthew has become known for his unique style of playing. Demanding much from his instrument, his style involves both very hard complex riff picking and very soft, minimalist playing that relies heavily on the natural resonance of his guitar. The Casimi team set about designing and building an instrument that would stand up to these demands. Using Cocobolo for the back and sides, a Mahogany neck, Sitka Spruce top, Spruce X bracing and Ebony bindings and bevels. The result is a true innovation. Tonally, this guitar stands out from the crowd. It is extremely rich in the low end with an excellent mid-range that is both warm and bright and a glittering bell-like upper register. It has phenomenal projection. There is a point about a foot and a half in front of the sound hole where the sound gathers and is concentrated in the air. From here it projects out again into the room, quite different from the conventional projection straight from the sound hole. It is fitted with the LB6 LRBaggs acoustic solid under-saddle pickup and pre-amp system. The technology is sparse yet powerful. With a minimum of knobs, buttons and no flashing lights, the instrument retains its authentic acoustic simplicity. This guitar is a collector’s piece and a professional’s dream, combining elegant yet powerful looks and voice. It is an extremely original and striking piece of work.


This unique feature is our patent-pending design. As well as being an eye-catching show piece, it reduces weight without losing structural strength, making the instrument lighter and more balanced for standing performance. In Nature we find that everything non-essential is removed from structure, so we are constantly trying to refine and simplify our design. When we can offer something to the evolution of the instrument, then we have accomplished a meaningful contribution.


The rosette pays tribute to the origins of the wood. The back and sides of this instrument once grew tall in a forest in Mexico, so we turned to the Aztecs and Maya for an aesthetic that would reflect this. The rosette was the perfect canvas. It is made from a single piece of ebony and has been inlayed with black pearl. The motif is reminiscent of ancient patterns and glyphs found in the ruins of temples and tombs in the Yucatan.


Bindings From the ergonomically softened edge that supports the forearm to the sweeping lines of the bindings and tail joint, we have gone to every length to produce a fluid experience for the hand, the eye and the ear. Once again we have taken our cues from Nature, where there are no separations between the parts of a whole. The creatures of the earth are not stuck together as conglomerates of limbs, torsos, faces, tails and so on, rather they are simply creatures and each one is a synthesis of forms which create a seamless whole.


Bevels for comfortable playing There are a number of Luthiers installing bevels on their guitars now and each has their particular way of doing so. Matthias Roux has developed his own unique way and has once again payed careful attention to how this fits in the aesthetics of our instruments. Each bevel is effectively an extension of the bindings, flowing seamlessly in and out of them. Like the differentially thickening lines of calligraphy, this is an attempt to marry the parts to the whole in a graceful and subtle continuum.




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